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SJMC Awards and Presentations - 2013 AEJMC National Conference

Twenty-three School of Journalism and Mass Communications faculty and graduate students presented, lead panels or received awards at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) conference in Washington, D.C., Aug. 8-11.

Bold letters - SJMC Faculty
Bold and Italicized letters - SJMC graduate students (current and former)


The first-place student paper, the Mass Communication and Society Division
Keshelashvili, Ana
and Cardell, Kenneth

Placing Blame and Seeking Solutions: Media Framing of School Shootings.

The first-place faculty paper, the Mass Communication and Society Division
McKeever, Robert
Vicarious experience: experimentally testing the effects of empathy for media characters with severe depression and the intervening role of perceived similarity.

The 29th annual Covert Award, the History Division
Forde, Kathy Roberts and Foss, K. A. 
‘The Facts—The Color!—The Facts’: The Idea of a Report in American Print Culture, 1885-1910. Book History, (2012), 123-151.

Top PF&R paper, the Advertising Division
Mallia, Karen L. and Windels, K.
How gender situates learning in advertising creative departments.

Third place faculty paper, the ComSHER Division
Clarke, C.; Dixon, G.; and McKeever, Brooke W.
Overcoming the Effects of "Falsely Balanced" Media Coverage of Health Risks through Attention to Context.  

Laurence Campbell Award (top faculty paper), the Scholastic Journalism Division
Konkle, Bruce E.
A preliminary overview of the early history of high school journalism in the U.S.: ~1775-1925.

Top paper, the Magazine Division
Kim, Hwalbin, and Chang, J. C.
Exploring How College Magazines Portray Science and Scientists: A Comparative Analysis of Harvard Magazine and KU (Korea University) Today.


Buehner Mortensen, Tara
Comparing the values of citizen photojournalists and professional photojournalists: A coorientation study.

Buehner Mortensen, Tara and Keshelashvili, Ana
Comparing the ethics of citizen photojournalists and professional photojournalists: A coorientational study.

Bedingfield, Sidney and Anshari, D.
Thinking about Romney: Frame building in a battleground state in the 2012 presidential election.

Campbell, Kenneth; Wei, Ran; Leung, Wan, C. and Mikashavidze, Maia
It’s the leadership, stupid, not the economy: A framing study of newspaper endorsements of presidential candidates in the 2012 election.

Carpenter, S.; Hoag, A. M.; and Grant, August E. 
Reasons Underlying The Choice Behind Seeking a Major in Journalism: The Journalism Degree Motivations Scale.

Danelia, Nino and Mikashavidze, Maia
The Chronicles of Current Events – Uncensored voices from the Soviet Union.

Foster, Caroline and Besley, J.
Amplifying America's Voice? Journalists' coverage of deliberation.

Fussell S. H.; Plake, R. and Collins, Erik
Relying on Divine Intervention? An Analysis of Church Crisis Management Plans.

Guerrazzi, D.; Wilkinson, J. W.; and Grant, August E.
Engaging the Online Audience: Web News Appearance, Nature and Value.

Kasko, Joseph
The WUSC shutdown: Exploring the reasons the University of South Carolina shutdown its radio station

Kasko, Joseph; Larry Webster and Heflin, Frank
Misconception of Barack Obama’s Religion: A Content Analysis of Cable News Coverage of the President

Kenney, Keith, and LaPrad, Katherine
Susanne Langer: Expresses Knowledge of Feelings.

Kim, Hwalbin; Oh, Sang-Hwa; Kim, Sei-Hill; Chang, J.; and Shim, J-C.
Elaborative Processing that Matters: Factors Influencing Perceived Risks Related to Food and DrugSafety in South Korea.

Kim, Hwalbin and Frear, Christopher
Picturing the Scientists: A Content Analysis of the Scientists' Photographs in The New York Times, 2000 to 2009.

Kim, Sei-Hill; Tanner, Andrea; Friedman, Daniela B.; Foster, Caroline; and Bergeron, Caroline D.
Barriers to Clinical Trials Participation: A Comparison of Rural and Urban Communities in South Carolina.

Kim, Sei-Hil; Tanner, Andrea; Kim, Soo Yun; Foster, Caroline; and Oh, Sang-Hwa
Framing healthcare: Frame building and news coverage of who is responsible for rising healthcare costs in the United States.

LaPrad, Katherine
Framing Cultural Warfare: Press Coverage of the Guerrilla Girls 1985-2011.

Leung, Wan Chi
Personifying America: Contrasting Fantasy Themes in the Japanese Animation Hetalia.

Mallia, Karen L.; Windels, K.; Mumah, J.; and Broyles, S.
Lost in space: Advertising agency employees' perceptions of work space.

McKeever, Brooke W.; Pressgrove, Geah; and Zheng, Yue
Combining the Situational Theory of Publics and Theory of Reasoned Action to Explore Nonprofit Support: A Replication.

McKeever, Brooke W.; McKeever, Robert; and Hock, R.
Increasing Early Diagnosis of Autism: Exploring Awareness and Pathways to Information Seeking among Parents.

Oh, Sang-Hwa; Kim, Sei-Hill; Kim, Hwalbin; Chang, J.; and Shim, J-C.
Public Risk Perception of Food Hazards: Understanding The Relationships Between Communication Channels, Risk Perceptions and Preventive Behavioral Intentions.

Ranta, Jeff
Understanding the Appeal of Reality Television (RTV).

Tanner, Andrea; Kim, Sei-Hill; Friedman, Daniela B.; Foster, Caroline; and Bergeron, Caroline D.
Clinical trial recruitment strategies at academic medical centers: Current practices and perceived importance of recruiting tactics.

Zheng, Yue
Patterns and motivations of young adults’ health information acquisitions on Facebook.

Invited Panel

Sisk, Lisa
Teaching IMC within a Mass Communication Curriculum: Faculty Challenges and Rewards.

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